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A Small Orange Review

Written by Benjamin

Small Orange Hosting

Have you heard of A Small Orange? Probably since you’re searching for a small orange review (also known as ASO or asmallorange).

I’ll get to the review in a second, let’s talk about you.

Why are you interested in a small orange?

Not happy with Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost or God forbid Godaddy?

I’ve used all the hosts above and more, and while some are pretty good (Hostgator), most of them are just okay; and some are complete garbage (Godaddy).

I’ve used A Small Orange hosting for about 1 year, so please keep that in mind as you read this review.

a small orange hostingsmallorangehosting

The picture above has the four main types of hosting a small orange provides. I currently use their cloud VPS service, so my review onward is based on that.

How’s A Small Orange Customer Service?

It’s the best. Seriously. I haven’t had better customer service for hosting in a long time. It far surpasses all other hosting I’ve used. The service reps are quick, and actually help you solve the problem you have.

I had issues installing the VPS and SSL, because I’ve never used a VPS before. I emailed them, and they actually installed it for me + setup my SSL. Was not expecting that, but was pleasantly surprised. I doubt Godaddy would do something like that (Well they might if they could charge me for it)


A Small Orange Speed Test


Being 76% faster than all tested websites may not seem so great, but it is. The website is huge at 2.2MB (lot’s of pictures, lots of complex plugins).

I’ve been very happy with the website speed so far, especially the consistency of it.

ASO 90 Day Guarantee

A small orange backs up all their plans with a 90 day guarantee. So if you hate them, it’s easy to just leave and get your money back.


A pretty good host like Hostgator gives you 45 days, so asmallorange is pretty much giving you double the time to see if you like them or hate them. Pretty generous. Especially when compared to other companies ( Godaddy).

Why Has Almost No One Heard Of A Small Orange?

If a small orange is so great how come there’s so little reviews about it?

Good question. Greed, is the answer.

Most hosting companies pay people money for every client they refer. Hosting companies like bluehost, dreamhost and hostgator pay lot’s of money.

For example if I wrote a review about hostgator, and you clicked my link and bought hosting I would get $100 – $125 dollars.

If you click the A Small Orange links and buy the hosting I’ll get money as well. I’ll get $50 dollars.

What’s better $50 or $100+?

Of course $100 is better. Money decides what get’s promoted, not quality or service.

So why did I decide to write this review about A Small Orange, and not Hostgator or another company?

This website is hosted on Hostgator, and I like them as well. They also pay better if you can recall ($100+ vs $50 for ASO). I did this review on a small orange because of two reasons:

#1 I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their customer service. When people go above and beyond to help me I notice, and reciprocate. If they gave me okay service, I wouldn’t have written a review about them. So here’s a tip to companies out there, go above and beyond and you shall be rewarded!

#2 Happy with the quality of their hosting. If the customer service was good, but the hosting was bad; I wouldn’t write a review. Their Cloud VPS hosting has been top-notch, and I’ve encountered no problems.

That’s it. Good customer service and hosting. What else do you need?

A Small Orange Coupon

I don’t have any coupons available at the moment. But I’ll contact ASO and see if they can get me some! Subscribe to my email list and I’ll let you know If I get some.

Get A Small Orange Hosting 


Affiliate Disclosure

I get money if you click my links and buy ASO hosting.

Was this post motivated by money?


I have better & more lucrative things to write about than hosting reviews. That’s probably why you should trust my review over a website focused on hosting companies. Hosting isn’t my business or my life. I’m just a happy customer, with some spare time at Starbucks.

What do you think?

Have you used ASO? Did you like them or hate them. I’m always interested in other people’s experiences, so let me know! If you’re hosted with someone else, are you happy with them?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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