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Authority Website Update #2

authority site update
Written by Benjamin

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Took me a while to finally sit down and write this; mostly because I’m off to a really bad start and had nothing interesting to share!

But, some progress has finally been made so it’s time to share. First thing’s first, my domain has been de-indexed! Ouch. Didn’t see this coming. The domain I bought was brand new, and had zero backlinks or bad history from what I could tell. I noticed my content wasn’t indexing, so I added my site to webmaster tools to find a manual penalty applied.

Why? I have no clue. Domain had nothing that broke the rules. This is the first manual penalty I’ve ever received for one of my websites, so I did a reconsideration request.

2 weeks later I get a response, my website is still breaking the rules. How is a site with pretty much zero-content and no backlinks breaking the rules? No clue. I decide to say screw this and build a new site.

Fortunately for me I had a 5-year-old domain in the niche, with pretty much zero backlinks, and 2 pages of content. The site was ranking for absolutely nothing, so I decided to use it. So instead of a brand new domain, since my domain is aged.

After getting the new domain here’s what I did:

  • Made a crappy logo
  • Downloaded new theme, and fixed design (Still looks pretty crappy)
  • Took the content from my old site and moved it to the new site. (Wanted to see if content was the issue, it wasn’t. New site had content indexed easily).
  • After seeing the content from my de-indexed site getting indexed I decide to start writing some more articles.

Finding Keywords + Writing Content

The goal of my authority site is to rank for as many long tail keywords as I could, so most of my main content is 2,000+ words. I also targeted really long tail keywords (7+ words) with 100-300 monthly searches by writing 500- 1000 words of content. Here’s the criteria I’m using to decide the keywords:

  1. Keyword competitiveness (KC) of less than 25 (KC is used by Longtailpro, check out my review)
  2. Cost per click of $25+
  3. A keyword that I think would convert as a lead (My site is an insurance lead gen site)

I used KC to quickly find viable keywords, but I also took a quick look at to see my competitions backlinks, to see if beating them would be easy. I don’t mind competition for my bigger keywords, ones with 1,000+ searches, but I don’t really want to compete for my super long tail keywords.

As for my content, my goal is to have the best and most comprehensive content on whatever topic I’m writing about. I’ve been pretty bad so far, I only have about 2-3 anchor posts (Posts with 2,000+ words) and a few smaller posts.

I need to write more content, and much more consistently. Right now I’m debating outsourcing content; since I’ve been busy with client work. I haven’t even had time to write content for Boredmarketer, which is a shame.

Backlinks for my authority site

Not much to report here, since I was delayed in building backlinks because of my site being de-indexed. I did outsource a few things:

  1. I had a press release written and released. Cost: $79
  2. I had someone create a wiki link. Cost :$25
  3. Had some guest posts done. Low quality, and would not use again. Cost $75

So in total I’ve spent $179, which is basically nothing at this point. I need to buy more links, and higher quality ones at that.

My anchor text distribution has been:

  • 50% Domain and variations
  • 40% random keywords, such as: Here, check this out, site name + random keyword.
  • 10% money keywords, but lots of variations.

Majority of my links are going to the home page, but I did send a few to inner pages.

I’m really focusing on powering up my home page, and then linking out from it to inner pages. I want to build domain authority.

Here’s my traffic for the last 28 days:

authority site webmaster

The green arrow’s are pointing to spikes in impressions, this always happens when I post a giant article. The total queries for the last 28 days has been 65.

I’m going to keep track of the above stats and compare month to month.

I’ve been using the free version of to track my sites progress. It has some pretty interesting tools, but probably not worth buying the premium version.

my site stats

my competition

I really need to work on social, I’ve done pretty much nothing. If you’re following this challenge and creating your own site, I highly recommend you dedicate more time to social.

My current backlinks

domain stats

I definitely have more backlinks, but my recent press release hasn’t had time to be indexed yet.

Here’s my organic traffic:

organic visitors

Green arrow is when press release was complete. Data above is from Jan 23 – Feb 13. Other traffic is negligible, had a few visitors from the press release and that’s it.


I’m not really trying to rank for anything in particular just yet, but I do have a few keywords I’d like to rank for. Current positions:


I’m actually happy with the rankings above, since I’ve built ZERO links to the page above. Also while the volume may seem low, it’s important to know that the CPC for the keywords above is easily $100+. If I can get to position #1 for the two keywords above I should have no problem making $1,000+.

How much money I made

I didn’t have my lead gen code properly installed, and my site look’s pretty ugly; but here’s how much money I’ve made so far from Feb 1 to Feb 13: $9.88.

Not a lot of money, but I’m not expecting anything for the first few months anyway.I just thought it would be interesting to share.

Stuff to share

I’ve been doing a lot of client work lately; so I’ve started building a new private blog network to help my clients rank. This has taken time away from my white hat site.

I’ll be selling some high quality PBN links in the near future, so if you want to buy you can enter your email below and I’ll let you know when I start selling.

I’ve also build another 3 sites in the same niche, so my time has been slightly divided. 2 of the new sites are mostly to test blackhat techniques. One of the sites I’m going to rank with the new PBN I’m building.

What are you up to?

Anyone else creating a new site, or doing anything interesting? Let’s chat!

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