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Authority Website Update #3

authority site update
Written by Benjamin

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Been a while since I’ve written an update!

I’ve made some progress since last time, but nowhere near as much as I would have hoped.

Here’s what I’ve done since last time:

  1. Wrote about 4,000 words (3 articles)
  2. Did some blog commenting, had 1 guest post done and 1 big press release which is in progress right now.

I’ve done much less than I wanted to. I should have written at least 15,000 words of content and spent some money and time getting backlinks.

Why I’ve done so little

  1. Really busy with client work
  2. Working on other sites
  3. Working on my Private Blog Network ( Started selling links to people on my PBN list)
  4. Wasting time coming up with excuses

Honestly my excuses are pretty bad, and I feel bad for them. I don’t see myself having too much time in the near feature either. So I’m probably going to start outsourcing content and lot more backlinking.

Having a hard time finding white hat link builders though… Since majority of people I know are blackhat/ greyhat.

Website traffic

website stats

Impressions are up since my last update, which is pretty good. I’m averaging around 100 impressions a day now, but not getting any clicks for it.

The total queries for the past 28 days has been 112, compared to the 65 last month.

Site Rankings

ranking stats

I’ve started tracking the SERPS for some of my keywords. Right now I’m working on the keyword with 1900 monthly searches.

My Current Backlinks


Income Made

I’ve made $6 so far this month…. Which sucks bad. I made more money last month! Not good.

Random Stuff

Well, as you can see this is not progressing as well as I would have hoped. I’m really tempted to slam a bunch of PBN links to my site. It’s really hard to fight the urge not to, especially since other site I’m working on are completely outranking and out earning this authority site I’m making.

It’s really annoying watch my blackhat websites rank so easily and so quickly, while I spend almost no time on them. I feel your pain white hat SEO’s.

I really need to start outsourcing more, but finding good service providers is a pain in the ass and I don’t have enough time to train a VA right now.

What’s up?

What have you guy’s been up to? I know a few of you have started your own site; it would be interesting to see how your progressing. Hopefully better than me.

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Welcome to Boredmarketer. My's name's Benjamin.

I have around 9 years of search experience and nearly 7 years of PPC experience.

Love Facebook ads and Adwords. Paid traffic = ROCKS.


Even though I'm anti-seo as can be, I still do SEO daily. I enjoy creating sites, and I enjoy ranking sites in the most competitive niches possible.

I made this blog so I can share what I find, and to connect with other marketers out there.

Since there's still so much I don't know, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

For SEO I got you covered :)


  • Hi Benjamin! Just discovered this series searching for authority site building. I’ve started a little project of my own and am looking for other people in the same boat. My site will be foreign however. Haven’t found much published about foreign authority sites but figured I’d give it a go. So far found local hosting, bought English content to have translated, found translator and purchased theme. Waiting for a scraper to find me an expired domain with decent DA/TF metrics to build off (sorry, I don’t have the patience to go 110% whitehat and sit in the sandbox).

    Couple Q’s for you:
    1. Are publishing post by post or did you publish a handful right away to “flesh out” the site a bit?
    2. Are you adding rich media to your big articles? If so are they your own or like other authority Youtube videos in the same niche?
    3. Do you still think your $3K goal in optimistically 6 months is a possibility? (If you weren’t busy with client/PBN stuff and could stick to your ideal publishing schedule?)

    Kind of a long comment but really love what you’ve started here and excited to see where it goes!

    • Hey Erik sorry for the very late reply. Here’s the answer to your questions:

      1. I published 3 big posts (2,000+) words right away and continued to post some smaller articles weekly. I haven’t posted anything in 1 month now ( which is very bad). I would add as much content as possible ( higher word count is better), and as often as possible.

      2. Not really adding any rich media. Just a picture or two. The niche is rather dry and I haven’t done much. I would recommend adding pictures and videos if you can. It helps.

      3. $3,000 a month was realistic for sure, but not anymore. I spent too much time on other projects and almost no time on this authority website ( Which is a real shame).

      Ranking one or two keywords for position #1 will easily bring $3,000 a month. But for example, if I got to position #3 I would make like $500 a month maybe. For my current keywords it’s all about being number #1, and I’m not even close a the moment.

      My biggest issue is most of my websites are “grey” not blackhat or white hat. So I don’t really have good infrastructure for rapid growth by doing white hat ( lack of connections, vendors, etc)

      Here’s an example.

      I made another website in the same niche, and I used my PBN and some friends PBN. The newer site, with 3 pages of content is easily outranking my authority website and for much more competitive keywords.


      The expired domain route is a good way to go. Just make sure you find a really clean and powerful domain.

      I noticed your website is in the fitness niche. I had a website in a similar niche ( weightloss) and was getting about 10,000 – 20,000 organic visitors a month before I sold it. At that time, I barely built backlinks, all I did was keep adding articles, I got a lot of longtail traffic.

      I would recommend you do the same, then after a while check webmaster tools/ semrush and see what you’re ranking for. Then build backlinks for the things that you’re already ranking decently for, or for keywords that can make you money.

      Value per visitor in the Fitness niche isn’t as high as most people think, you’ll need a ton of visitors to make big money, or some very targeted traffic.

      So BUILD A LIST. < - my number #1 recommendation Thanks for commenting, and good luck with your journey! Benjamin recently posted…Authority Website Update #3My Profile

      • Wow thanks for the detailed reply and actionable advice! Sometimes you really just need someone with some experience to help encourage you along the way. I hope everything is going well for you outside of this blog, but if you can find the time, keep publishing because I like your thought processes and writing style.

        • Thanks Erik. I definitely want to write more, but takes a lot of time unfortunately lol. Let me know if you got any questions, talking about SEO is always fun.

          • Only so many hours in a day, I completely understand. Since you mentioned it, I really would appreciate any advice you might have on how to monetize my site linked in these comments. It’s not too niched, I want to build it into a long term authority/brand. I can give you details via private email, but let’s just say the traffic currently isn’t the most impressive (<500/dailys). I'm wondering the best way to monetize without completely selling out and pushing crap Clickbank products.
            My goal is to get something earning enough so I can quit my 8-6 office job and work on my sites all day every day, because I know if I can secure that time I can succeed.. just breaking the initial chains that I'm struggling with currently.

          • What you’re doing with the amazon product reviews is great. I would change this page up though:


            It’s needs to be simplified. Here’s a great example for you:

            replace acne with “Top whey protein reviews” and it would be perfect.

            The website above is an authority site case study run by:

            ^ His site is performing really well and is making thousands per month. I would recommend checking the blog above for ideas/ inspiration.

            For now keep collecting emails, writing good content and recommending good products and you’ll make money. It just takes time.

            The quickest way to quitting your 8-6 is by offering services (SEO, PPC, Writing, Web design). SEO for your own website is usually a long game, and risky. Relying on Google is always risky, especially if you only have 1 website making money.

            Also here’s the best way to improve your rankings instantly.

            Improve your website speed. Your website is too slow at the moment:

            Check out:


            Your website has a lot of pictures, which is nice, but it slows everything down. You need to optimize your pictures. Here’s a free web service:


            It’ll compress your pictures, which will help with load time. Eventually you should switch to faster hosting. Here’s a great, but old article on this:

            P.S you can email me at if you’d like to chat, or keep thing’s private.

  • “Honestly my excuses are pretty bad, and I feel bad for them.”

    lol! I have to say I’m relieved to read this article because I’m in the exact same boat and it makes me feel better. I’m trying to build a white hat site – the content is great but everything above me in the rankings is so full of spammy links it makes me want to reach for the PBN tactical nuke.

    Do you really have 1.8k backlinks and 4 clicks? Or am I misreading something?

    Also, kudos for your replies to Erik. Great that you took the time.

    • Hey Andrew sorry for the very late reply! Been really busy lately (Another excuse!)

      I don’t have 1.8k backlinks. Probably around 20- 50 backlinks tops, and a lot of them are from a Press release done. I’d say there’s about 10-15 good links.

      White hat is a pain, and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already have some grey hat sites ranking. Most of my websites are ranking fine and have been for years ( With PBN Links, Hell even a lot with SAPE links).

      White hat isn’t worth the time and money for most people. When I do client work (sometimes) I do white hat, but I make sure to charge like crazy for it, so it’s worth it 🙂

      If you build your own PBN the chance of getting caught is like 0.0000001%.

      Right now I like to buy old domains with lot’s of links and authority, blast it with high quality PBN’s then 301 to a new domain. On the new domain build some high quality white hat links. Block bots on the old domain and you can rank a new domain in no time.

      When competitors research your site, they’ll be confused since it’ll have almost no backlinks and will be ranking well. They won’t see the super powerful domain that you’re 301ing.

      You see this a lot in the payday loan/ insurance market.

      • Hi, no worries about the reply. In the meantime I went and read a bunch of other case studies and summarised them in an article. (My name should link to it if anyone’s interested). Guess who’s number 1?

        That 301 technique you described is fascinating. I’m going to have to read about creating a PBN…
        Andrew recently posted…The Best Niche and Authority Site Case StudiesMy Profile

      • I have small doubts regarding your expired domain method. Consider I bought one aged domain on godaddy auction with little backlinks (10-26 real referring domains, TF = 10 and CF = 14). I setup domain… maybe I will add some articles to that domain and in one article i will link to my money site.

        After that I will buy some PBN links on fiverr…. not thousands, but in 40-100 links and point to expired domain article from that article i will link to money site.

        40-80 PBN Links ===> Auction Domain with Post ===> Money site.

        So I got penalty from google for money site. Do you think removing Link on Auction domain will fix that issue?

        and more question is….

        40-80 PBN links ===> Aged, Auction Domain ===> 301 ==> Money site

        Got Penality on Money site… so removing 301 will fix the issue?

        Just curious to know those.

        Arun recently posted…How to Install letsEncrypt Free SSL with CloudFlare on Ubuntu O.SMy Profile

        • Depends on the penalty. When I buy a domain, I usually stick some content on it, then add it to webmaster tools to see if there’s any penalties.

          I don’t buy PBN’s for my money sites, I make my own PBN. Too risky to use someone else’s.

          40-80 PBN links is a lot if you do it fast. Quality is more important. For some easy/ medium keywords 20-40 PBN links over a few months is more then enough to rank.

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