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Authority Website Update #4

authority site update
Written by Benjamin

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Oh God, it’s been so long since the last update that I’m embarrassed even writing one at this point.

But I must.

I could give you some excuse as to why I haven’t updated BoredMarketer or this case study in a long time, but it would just be another excuse.

What’s happened since the last update

The biggest change is that my website is no longer 100% pure white hat. I gave it about 5 PBN links from my own personal network.

Why my website isn’t white hat anymore

I don’t have as much time for white hat link building; or SEO really. I’ve been doing a lot of paid marketing lately (Facebook).

Overall my website is still about 95% clean, but if I keep adding PBN links it won’t stay that way for long.

My goal now is to slowly add some PBN links (5 – 10 a month), and keep my website as clean as possible.

The PBN links are from my own network; so the only links on it are from my own websites and a few client websites.

Webmaster tools data

authority website case study traffic

The data above is from the last 28 days.


The data above is from the last 90 days. As you can see traffic is trending up, just not at the speed I would like.

Here are the keyword rankings

keyword rankings

My main keyword (#2400 searches)


Most of my keyword rankings are up like crazy. The ranking spike for most keywords happened in late May/Jun because that’s when I posted the links on my PBN.

My Backlinks

authority website backlinks

Goals of my site

I haven’t been working on this site at all ( The only work I’ve done the last month or two has been the PBN links).

I plan on adding more PBN links and getting some content written for the website.

I want to be in the top 10 for my major keywords by the end of August, but hopefully in the top 5.

What I’ve been up to lately

  • Creating new lead Gen sites ( For clients & selling leads directly)
  • Facebook advertising for clients
  • Client SEO
  • Selling a few PBN links once in a while
  • SEO for my own websites
  • Trying to learn Java (For the 24th time)

I’ve been busy! I plan on cutting something out from the list above and doing more work on BoredMarketer, since I actually enjoy doing it.

How about you?

What have you guys been up to. Have any questions? Leave them below!

About the author


Welcome to Boredmarketer. My's name's Benjamin.

I have around 9 years of search experience and nearly 7 years of PPC experience.

Love Facebook ads and Adwords. Paid traffic = ROCKS.


Even though I'm anti-seo as can be, I still do SEO daily. I enjoy creating sites, and I enjoy ranking sites in the most competitive niches possible.

I made this blog so I can share what I find, and to connect with other marketers out there.

Since there's still so much I don't know, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

For SEO I got you covered :)


  • Thanks for the updated Ben, people do appreciate the time and effort, even if it might not feel as well invested as working on your other projects.

    Nice seeing the very clear impact of the PBN links. I may just be purchasing from you in the very near future for my own site as I got a bunch of stuff at the bottom of page 1 and a few juicy ones on page 2.

    One question I had about your update, have you added any new content to your authority site or are the gains purely from the PBN links?

    • Thanks Erik.

      Purely from PBN links. Adding content would help for sure, just need to find some more writers.

      I’ve been doing a lot of Facebook ads lately (For other websites) and it’s actually helped with rankings (Social shares, people linking to the article). Facebook is definitely undervalued, so I’d recommend spending some money growing your FB page if you don’t get PBN links (Depends on the niche though I guess).

      • Word. I try to split my time between content writing for my site and off-site stuff. I’m focusing a lot on the site linked to in these comments here, pretty paltry results so far, but I attribute a lot of that to A.) lack of quality links and B.) high ratio of non-converting type content to converting type (product reviews etc). She’s a work in progress.

        I hear you on the FB ads, I’ve seen that on client sites before, and seen other guys attribute it to positive user metrics, same as sending any paid quality traffic to a site.. it will impact bounce, time on page, pages per session etc, which is important for small/young sites getting shit for organic traffic.

        I’ve recently tried growing my FB page a bit following this guys case study, which was a fun little read (I know, WF, but still, it’s ok)

        • WF actually banned me for disagreeing with some senior members lol. Hate them!

          Your website looks like it’s trending up, which is great.

          I like using Facebook to get leads, not FB likes. FB can ban you at any time for any reason so you have little control over the fan page. Email leads are yours for life.

          I would create a Facebook campaign for something like this:

          Just need to create a good funnel for it. You get customers at best, at worst you get people on your list (Which share your content, better your metrics, or might buy from you in the future).

          Someone who really knows FB advertising well is Jon Loomer:

          I’ve been wanting to create an FB guide for a while now (Months) hopefully will actually do it soon.

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