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Authority Website Update #6

authority site update
Written by Benjamin

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Lot’s of big improvements since my last update. Some seriously big jumps for a lot of high volume keywords, unfortunately haven’t cracked the top #10 for any of my main keywords.

All I’ve done since the last update is create some more PBN links with my PBN. I also added some new content and updated some of my posts. Not much work to be honest. Although the results are good.

I’m expanding my PBN and will continue to add more content to my website.

Webmaster Tools Data


Data above is from the last 28 days. As you can see impressions have been trending up.

Ahrefs Data


Ahrefs has over 1k organic keywords traffic compared to 700 it had last time. Domain rating & url rating are also up by 1.

Keyword Update


Look at all those green arrows. I love seeing that. Since the last update I’ve improved on a lot of keywords.

My main keywords only moved up #1-2 positions unfortunately. Good news for me though, I started ranking for 2 other keywords; the ones with 3600 monthly searches.

I know for a fact they’re profitable keywords.

Since I made $2,000+ a month from them a few years back on another website I sold (which eventually died because the buyer had no idea what they were doing).

Semrush Data



I thought it would be interesting to show Semrush Data.

As you can see from the organic position distribution at the bottom right, I’m ranking for a lot of keywords, just not in the top 10!

I don’t mind, since I have a lot of keywords in position 11-20 which will start moving to the top 10 very soon.

How much money I made

I guess I should talk about this, since a lot of people have emailed me asking.

Currently the site is making <$100 a month. There’s two reasons for this:

  1. Not enough traffic. I expect about 50-100 organic visitors this month,which is not a lot.
  2. Very poor affiliate/lead program, and I’ve done a bad job of promoting it

To fix this I have two options:

  1. Look for a different affiliate program, and do a better job of promoting it
  2. Sell the leads directly

Right now I’m leaning on option #2, but instead of selling leads I’d like to rent out the entire website.

Right now, I could probably rent it out for $200-500 a month. Considering buying the traffic with AdWords would easily set an advertiser back $2,000+.

Finding someone to rent out the site to would be a pain in the ass for sure, so I don’t want to do that yet.

When I start cracking the top 10 and my organic traffic hits 300+ a month I’ll look for someone to rent or sell the website to.

What I’m working on

Facebook, Facebook and more Facebook. The majority of my time is now spent running Facebook ads for my own campaigns and for client campaigns. I’ve actually written 90% of my Facebook marketing guide for this blog, just need to edit it! Will post it very soon I hope…

I also occasionally do client SEO.

I don’t do much SEO for myself anymore, except to test stuff. I just work on the websites I already have.

I still run into a lot of amazing SEO opportunities, like finding cool niches and keywords. I don’t have time to focus on them, but I’ll be sharing them with you guy’s. I already shared one here:

Sharing an Amazing Niche + Some Great Keywords [Share #1]

What have you guy’s been up to? What do you want to see more of?

Let me know in the comments below!



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  • You mentioned you hade made a website that earns $2000/month, and sold it. How much did you sell it? Im just wanting how much a site is being appraised. Thank you

    • 8x monthly profit, about. This was a long time ago though (probably 4-5 years). The site had pretty “black hat” link building done.

      If the links were cleaner it could have easily sold 20x on (Back then they didn’t really exist, or not that I knew off)

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