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Authority Website Update #9 – GOAL ACHIEVED! $3,000+ in Revenue

Written by Benjamin

Well, it’s taken much longer then I initially thought it would, but the goal has been reached!

I’ve hit over $3,000 in revenue. $3,146 to be more precise.

I’m going to write up a much longer and thorough update of everything I did, but for now here’s a quick update.

Why it took so long to see results – AKA my excuses

It took right around 1 year to reach this revenue. I honestly thought I would hit it in <6 months or less, but a few major things were against me.

  1. I was doing only white hat link building in the beginning (No PBN links)
  2. I wrote some of the pillar content myself (I don’t enjoy writing, therefore I didn’t add new articles consistently)
  3. I was living in Japan, and pre-occupied with other things (So I didn’t really start working on this site until the last few months)
  4. This site was made mostly because of the Authority Site Challenge. Otherwise I would have spent more time on other sites and non SEO stuff.

Did I succeed?

No. I would consider this Authority Site Project a failure.

While I did reach my goal of $3,000 in monthly revenue, I didn’t achieve my biggest goal.

My biggest goal when making this website was to keep it 100% pure white hat.

Unfortunately because of time constraints I had to create a new PBN to help rank this site. Though the PBN did help, I would say 70%+ of the links are still clean white hat links.

Organic Traffic For January


Traffic is 3x over last month. I’m consistently getting 100 organic visitors a day now, except Sundays.

The revenue per user works out to $3,146/2,979 = $1.05

Better than last month’s $0.89, but not by much. I’m working on improving this number.

Traffic Value


Traffic Cost last month was about 50k, now it’s about $150k. So big improvements.



Keywords have moved up and down this month. Overall traffic is going up, and that’s what I care about the most.

Goals for the site

  • Goal for February is $5,000+ in revenue.
  • Increase rankings on current money keywords
  • Move from #12 to #9 on my biggest keyword

I’d like to sell this site sometime in April, so increasing revenue is now a priority. I think this site has the potential to do $10,000 a month easily, all I need is a few keywords to move up the SERPS.

What I’ve been working on

I’ve been doing a lot of SEO testing lately, I’ve made another 5 websites this month ( letting them age). I’m finding so many awesome keywords and niches and I want to test them all!

Just don’t have the time unfortunately.

Other than that, a lot of Facebook ads.

What have you guy’s been up to?


About the author


Welcome to Boredmarketer. My's name's Benjamin.

I have around 9 years of search experience and nearly 7 years of PPC experience.

Love Facebook ads and Adwords. Paid traffic = ROCKS.


Even though I'm anti-seo as can be, I still do SEO daily. I enjoy creating sites, and I enjoy ranking sites in the most competitive niches possible.

I made this blog so I can share what I find, and to connect with other marketers out there.

Since there's still so much I don't know, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

For SEO I got you covered :)


  • Hey Benjamin and congratulations,
    Can you be more transparent about the website content? Affiliate marketing? Your own products? Other? What’s the niche? I would be interested to buy but I need more info.

    • Back in Canada for the last few months. When I got back to Canada I started working and results started showing big time. Japan’s was fun, but man I got lazy lol. Taipei seems cool, might stop by one day. Probably heading to thailand next month so who knows.

  • I like your attitude. I was following you from the beggining of this challenge. You did flop for some time so I thought you would not achieve the goal. I can only say wow man I envy you, as a person living of less then 1k$ a month I would love to redo your steps… I try to get some tea this weekend and reread all your steps maybe I will find some way for myself. Btw best luck in 2017

  • You are awesome man I would say. I have been following you when I first your comment of tung’s blog.

    Well I have a question about your motivation.

    – Have you ever fed up in your online career? what was your toughest time in your online career? And last but not least how do you keep yourself motivated all the time?

    Looking forward.
    John Mark recently posted…47 iDeas for BloggingMy Profile

    • Love Tung’s blog. Happy to see his site is doing really well.

      For motivation. I have none of it. I rely on habit. You gotta make something a habit. Motivation is fleeting. Habits on the other hand are hard to break.

      I’ve been fed up with my online career a lot of times. Especially before when everything I did was 100% SEO and reliant on the whims of Google.

      Thanks for commenting John

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