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The Easiest Way Increase Organic Traffic

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Written by Benjamin

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

This guide is pretty much common sense, but apparently a lot of people don’t do this to my surprise. So I’m going to show you the easiest way to rank for a keyword.

Ranking for new keywords is hard.

You need to write content and build backlinks to rank.

Writing content and building backlinks takes a lot of time, but you know what doesn’t?

Fixing your old content

Updating your old content is the best way to increase your organic traffic, and is something that doesn’t take nearly as much time as creating a new post (like this one).

The more content you have to work with the better.

Instead of talking about this, it would be better for me to show you. So here’s how I quickly improve my old content to increase my organic traffic.

Finding New Keywords

The first thing we need to do is find the keywords we’re ranking for. Go into Google webmaster tools. Click search analytics, then select pages.


google webmaster

You’ll find your most popular organic posts. For me my YouTube SEO guide is my most popular post. So I’ll take a look at it for some opportunities.

finding new keywords

I selected the page, then queries, clicks, position and impressions. I sorted the picture above by impressions, but you can also sort it by clicks.

With Google webmaster tools I get to see what keywords are giving me the most impressions and what position I am for the keywords.

The list of keywords above is awesome for two reasons:

  1. I can add the keywords to my YouTube SEO guide
  2. I can add new content to my YouTube SEO guide for stuff I’m not covering. For example one of the big keywords I found is YouTube SEO Software.

I have zero-content on YouTube SEO software. I don’t even have the keyword in my guide at all. Take a look.

no keyword

So here’s what I’m going to do.

  1. I’m going to add the keyword to my SEO guide.
  2. I’ll try to link to the article with the anchor text YouTube SEO software from my other posts (like my link above :P)

That’s it! For the most part.

Just a few more thing’s to go over.

Analyzing Potential Keywords

I picked the keyword above fairly quickly. I didn’t even do the most basic analysis to see if it was worth adding the keyword.

Here’s what you need to look at:

  1. Keyword traffic
  2. Your current ranking
  3. If the keyword is valuable, and relevant to your content

The keyword YouTube SEO software has about 110 monthly searches, a CPC of about $6 and a ranking difficulty of 38/100. The keyword is also very relevant to my YouTube SEO guide.

I pulled the ranking difficulty score from a tool called

youtube seo software


Kwfinder is one of my favourite new tools, and I’ll be doing a review on it soon. If you don’t have it you can use any software or method you know to assess keyword difficulty.

A keyword difficulty of 38 is fairly high, but I’m fairly confident I should be able to get to the top 5 without much work for three reasons:

  1. My average position the last 90 days has been #19, which is good considering I don’t even have the keyword in the content!
  2. Kwfinder is overestimating the competition. A lot of the websites don’t even have the keyword YouTube SEO software in the meta or content.
  3. If the competition was strong I wouldn’t be in position #19 without doing any work.

Picking The Right Keywords

The keywords that are best in my experience are keywords that get at least 100 visitors a month, that are relevant to your content, have little competition and keywords that you’re already ranking decently for (top 20 if possible).

No rules are set in stone. If you find a keyword that has less than 100 monthly visitors, but you’re already in the top 10 it’s probably just worth adding the keyword to your post.

If you find a keyword with 1,000 searches a month and you’re in position #23 then it’s probably worth adding a few hundred words of content around the keyword + the keyword itself into your content ( preferably as a h1, h2, etc)

I recommend experimenting to see what works for you.

In my YouTube SEO guide post I could probably add 5-10+ new keywords no problem; since my post is nearly 5,000 words long and making it longer isn’t going to hurt me.

Why add keywords to your old content?

Adding keywords to old content is probably one of the easiest ways of increasing your organic search traffic. Increasing organic traffic by just 5% for each post can add up to a hell of a lot of traffic when you have 200 posts and you’re getting over 1,000 organic visitors a day.

Don’t go and update all your old posts

You might be tempted to go through all your old posts and start updating them.

Don’t do that.

First off, not all posts are worth updating. Most of your organic traffic will go to the top 20% of your posts.

Focus on quality not quantity.

I update old post’s sporadically. Most of the time it’s when I’m too lazy to write new content.

The Risks – Don’t mess up your current rankings

Don’t worry too much

Most of the time your main keywords will be fine, if anything it’s more likely you’ll shoot up in the rankings. Google likes fresh and updated content.

The only time you might see a negative change is if you make major changes to the content; such as changing the title or decreasing keyword density.

Quick Recap

  • Add keywords to your old content
  • Make sure to research the keywords
  • Don’t make too many changes to your old content
  • ????
  • Make lot’s of money and relax

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P.S I’ll be giving an update on my Authority website challenge very soon!

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  • Excellent post! I’ve known a few people that once they start getting traffic go 100% auto-pilot because they assume any more growth must be directly connected to the amount of work they initially put into building their site/pages. In actuality, as you’ve pointed out, monitoring your traffic and doing these types of “maintenance” updates can yield huge dividends. Great post, glad you found the time to write and publish!

  • Hey, Benjamin
    Excellent stuff!!
    Great techniques to increase traffic. Yes, selecting relevant keywords and local keywords are very useful. Also, on page SEO and quality link building plays a vital role for increasing traffic of a site. Site load speed also very crucial. Thanks a lot for sharing the great post.

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