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How To Make A Website Or Blog In 15 Minutes

how to make a website
Written by Benjamin

I’ll show you how you can create a blog or website in under 15 minutes. Making a website isn’t hard, all you need to be able to do is read, have access to the internet and have about $15 to pay for website hosting and to buy your domain name. Let’s get started!

Domain Name

The first thing you’re going to need to make a website is a domain. A domain is your website name. For example this websites domain is

Picking a domain name is really important, you don’t want to change this later. I would recommend you take some time and make sure you’re 100% sure about the name you choose.

Tips for picking a domain name

  • Don’t have numbers in it
  • Make it easy to pronounce
  • Shorter is generally better!
  • Get a .com! Don’t buy a .net or .org
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Avoid copyright infringement
  • Don’t put any hyphens in your name

The list above has the most important thing’s you should consider when your thinking of a domain name. It’s a lot of stuff to think about, but all of the points above are important!

The only thing that’s debatable is the .com. If your a Canadian; making a website that’s for Canadians, then buying a .CA domain would be best. If you’re in the U.K buying a .CO.UK or .UK domain would be best. Even if you buy a .CA domain; you should always buy the .com domain as well. Buying the .com of your domain will help you protect your brand. A lot of people will end up typing in .COM when they’re going to your website, so its good to own it.

If you don’t buy the .com someone else could just come along, buy it, and make it a porn site! Think about that for a second. ALWAYS GET THE .COM NO MATTER WHAT. Sorry about that, had to use caps lock for this, since its really important!

Where To Buy a Domain

I buy most of my domains from I have about 40 websites with them, and have been happy with the service. I like namecheap, for three reasons:

  1. It’s really cheap!
  2. Good service & easy to use website
  3. Free WHOIS (This keeps your website private)

domain name

making a blog


Here’s a tip, you can find Namecheap coupons here:

Okay let’s pretend I’m going to buy this domain: It’s a little long, but it’s easy to remember and has something else that I like; a keyword.

What’s a keyword?

A keyword is something people type into Google and search for. Having keywords in your domain name can help you pop up in Google easier. This is oversimplifying it a lot. You shouldn’t concern yourself too much about keywords when your making a website or blog. Focus more on your name being brandable! If you want to learn more about keywords, you can check out my keyword research guide.

Getting Website Hosting

There’s lot’s of web hosting companies out there. Most are okay, not too bad or too good. I use three hosting companies for the majority of my websites. In this how to make a website guide we’re going to use a small orange hosting. Why I like a small orange hosting:

  1. Great prices
  2. Very good customers service (best of all hosting companies I’ve used)
  3. High quality hosting. My websites have never been hacked, or experienced major downtime!

You can check out my full review of a small orange hosting here.

what hosting to get


I would highly recommend you get the Small plan. You get a lot more bandwidth, way more storage, and unlimited domains. Do not get the tiny plan, you will regret it! They honestly shouldn’t even sell the tiny plan, it’s storage, and bandwidth are way to low. I wouldn’t get the Large plan either. There’s no need for that much storage for the average website or blog. The Small plan is perfect! If the small plan is not available, I would go with the Medium plan.

Get A Small Orange Hosting

website hosting options

Connecting Your Domain with Your Hosting

Okay, now that we’ve bought a domain name and have hosting we need to connect the two together. Here’s what you need to do. First go to, and select manage domain.


After clicking manage log into your a small orange hosting, and select your domain name and scroll all the way to the bottom. You should see this:


You need to copy the nameservers to your Namecheap account. Like so:

how to set up nameservers

It could take up to 48 hours for your nameservers to match up with your hosting. What that means is that you may not be able to work on your website for 48 hours while the domain and hosting match up. This is extremely rare, it usually takes less than 15 minutes for the nameserver change to take effect.

Downloading WordPress

Log into your A Small Orange account. Click your domain and scroll all the way to the bottom until you see this:


After logging into your Cpanel, you need to scroll to the bottom again and find this:

wordpress instal

Click WordPress, then fill in all the information.

how to install wordpress

Make sure that In directory is blank. You can change the site name & description later so it’s not a big deal.

wordpress guide

Switch the admin username to something other than admin and think of a strong password. Your admin email can be anything.

2015-12-09_11-18-09Select a WordPress theme, and that’s it. You’ve installed WordPress now!

Using WordPress

Okay so you’ve installed WordPress, now comes the fun part! First thing’s first lets install a WordPress theme. You can find WordPress themes by clicking Appearance, then selecting Themes. After you select themes, select “Add New”.

how to use wordpress

wordpress themes

You can find some pretty awesome free WordPress themes from the official WordPress website. You can easily create a blog, or create a website by picking the theme that suites either. A lot of themes can be either blogs or websites.

Finding Premium WordPress themes

If you want something more unique and with more features I would recommend checking out You can buy a really good WordPress theme there for under $60. This WordPress theme was bought there.

buying wp themes

Found a theme you like? Hopefully since there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes to choose from.

Installing WordPress Plugins

Okay, so now that you have a nice WordPress theme let focus on the second most important thing: Plugins!

WordPress Plugins are add-on software that give your website more features. You can download plugins by selecting “Plugins” on the left hand side bar.

best wordpress plugins

Here’s a list of WordPress plugins I recommend you install right away:

Contact Form 7 – Let’s you create contact forms. Useful for letting readers get in touch with you.

Yoast SEO – Helps you do basic search engine optimization. This will help you get traffic from Google.

Akismet – Protects your blog or website from comment spam. This is mandatory if you allow comments on your website. If you don’t install this you’re going to get thousands of spam comments in no time!

W3 Total Cache – Makes your website faster. I highly recommend this plugin. The faster your website the happier your users will be!

UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore – Backs up your WordPress files. Always have a backup of your website!

The plugins above are the main plugins I would recommend on every new install of WordPress. I would recommend not downloading a bunch of random WordPress plugins; because it’ll slow down your website and make it more susceptible to hacking.

Recommend WordPress settings

After you’re done installing the theme + plugins you should go into settings and make a few changes. Here’s what I recommend.

Go into Settings -> General and add www. to your domain name. It should look like this:

recommended wordpress settings

You should also make sure you’re happy with your site title and tagline. You can change both in the general settings tab above.

wordpress search engine settings

Go into Settings -> Reading. Make sure that Search Engine visibility is not selected. If you select it you will not get search engine traffic! Always make sure this button is not selected.


Go into Settings -> Permalinks then select Post Name.

How To Create a Blog – Final Thoughts

That’s it. If you follow the settings above you should be fine! If you run into any trouble you can contact me here. If you have a question feel free to post a comment below, and I’ll try to answer it as soon as I can. I hope you enjoyed this how to create a website or blog guide.

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