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Launched My Authority Site – Follow along [Update #1]

Written by Benjamin

Okay guys, girls & aliens. As you know if you read my emails I’ve decided to create a new authority site from scratch.

Here are my goals & rules for this new website:

  • $3,000 in monthly income in 1 year (really shooting to reach this in 6 months)
  • No using my Private Blog Network, or doing “shady” link building. Everything needs to be squeaky clean.

That’s it with the rules and goals.

To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve built a website from scratch, and ranked it the white hat way. So this is going to be an interesting experience for me as well.

My biggest concern going forward with this project is the amount of time I’ll need to commit. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this site, but I know I’ll have to.

I’m going to be writing the flagship content for this site since I understand the market well. My goal is to have the content be so good that everything else on the internet looks like garbage in comparison.

Here’s what I’ve done so far

  • Registered domain Jan 9, 2016
  • Bought premium theme for it
  • Had logo made
  • Did keyword research
  • Wrote 3 articles (2,000+ words each)

I’m targeting keywords with a KC of under 25. You can read about how to find keywords here.

KC stands for keyword competitiveness, which is a metric used by Longtailpro. 0 being no competition, and 100 being insane competition.

The keywords I found have about 300 – 4,000 monthly searches and average CPC’s of about $50+. Guess the niche? Heres the answer: Insurance (Copy over)

If I get a few keywords to start ranking I should be making $3,000+ no problem.

Monthly Goals

  • 15,000 words of content per month. Each post will have a minimum of 1,000 words, preferably 2,000+.
  • 10 white hat links per month.

Help me

I’ve decided a budget of $2,000 for this project, but I’m having trouble deciding how to spend it. I’m thinking of spending 30% on content, 70% on links (Buying high quality niche relevent links).

Normally I’d spend more on content and use my PBN & my link building method to create backlinks, but this time I’m doing everything as white hat as possible.

Do you want me to buy links, or would you rather see me hustle and get links on my own? I feel like buying links is cheating for this project. So please comment below and let me know what you think, help me decide!

Why are you doing this?

Why do thing’s the white hat way, when I could write some crappy content, buy some PBN links and use my own PBN to rank this site in 3 months and reach my goal?

I want to build up my portfolio of authority white hat sites. Most of my websites are “gray”. Having a pure white hat website will help me sleep better at night. Also I preach a lot about having good content and doing white hat SEO, but at the same time most of my websites are blackhat or in the gray. It’s hypocritical of me.

Want accountability

I start too many projects without completing them, really my worst habit. That’s why I’m posting this publicly and have emailed everyone on my list.

If I don’t give you monthly updates, I give you permission to email me ( and call me a lazy cunt.

Want to keep track

I’m going to be keeping track of everything I do, and trying to automate as much as possible. I want to make this an easy to replicate process so that I can hire people to do all of this for me in the future.

What’s the URL?

I really want to share the URL, but I won’t for two reasons:

  1. Don’t want any possible interference with my goal
  2. I might sell the site in the future. Possible buyer may not appreciate me sharing the URL

As time goes on I may change my mind, but for now I’m keeping it private.

The end

Originally I was going to create a new website to keep track of all my progress, but have decided against it. I don’t have enough time as it is, so I’ve decided to track everything here. I’ve been busy lately and haven’t posted anything on Boredmarketer for a while. I don’t want to post something for the sake of posting it, quality is better than quantity. So hopefully this challenge is interesting and is something people can learn from.

P.S I’m creating a new PBN for some other projects I’m working on. If you want some high quality links now’s your chance to buy them.

About the author


Welcome to Boredmarketer. My's name's Benjamin.

I have around 9 years of search experience and nearly 7 years of PPC experience.

Love Facebook ads and Adwords. Paid traffic = ROCKS.


Even though I'm anti-seo as can be, I still do SEO daily. I enjoy creating sites, and I enjoy ranking sites in the most competitive niches possible.

I made this blog so I can share what I find, and to connect with other marketers out there.

Since there's still so much I don't know, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

For SEO I got you covered :)


  • Hi Benjamin,

    Really looking forward to your journey. I had few questions. After you have done your keyword investigation, for how many keywords in total have you decided to try ranking, and where do you buy those white hat back links?

    Wish you best of luck in reaching your goal!



    • Hey Tomislav, so far I have about 10-15 main keywords I’d like to rank for, and about 100 secondary keywords that are related ( a lot of really longtail keywords).

      And thats with about 3 posts. My main goal is to write really in-depth content with a high word count (2,000+) so I can get some nice longtail traffic.

      For white hat links I’m going to contact people in my general niche and offer to pay them to let me guest post or to link to me. Also going to buy some links from a few sellers I know.

      I’ll start to narrow down on certain keywords depending on how well I’m ranking for them, and how profitable I think they may be.

    • Hey Brandon, Yep I agree. Google would definitely not consider it white hat. In this case “white hat” for me means so spammy links. I’ll buy links, but from high quality relevant websites.

  • Hi Ben,

    I just want to let you know that I really want you to share the website’s url. This will make what your progress updates more credible as we can see if you’ve actually done what you say you did. I’m certainly not saying that you’re making things up, though.

    • Still debating this. I don’t think I’ll share it just yet, but may in the future. Would like to sell the site at a later point, most likely on empireflippers. If I do sell it I can get them to confirm it.

      If I don’t sell it I’ll ask someone else reputable to confirm the site’s rankings, but for now it doesn’t matter since the site has no rankings and makes no money.

  • Ashwin Singh
    November 10, 2015 at 6:38 am
    Hey, It is an awesome Guide .

    But your sharing buttons are not allowing me to read this guide. I am using a Nexus 7 Tablet and Sticky share buttons are occupying Some words of every line . Pls Solve it

    Are you trying to fool ??? U have mentioned Registered domain Jan 9, 2016. How come you have a comment from Nov 2015??!!

  • Ben.

    I really like the idea of buying high quality niche links. Though not exactly white hat, it is just trading your money for your time (to build relationships for getting links). Will keep track of your progress. 😀

    • Very true. It’s not white hat per se, but very close. The links themselves are clean, which is what I consider “white hat”, but others probably disagree with that.

      Like you said it’s trading time for money. Some people enjoy building relationships, other don’t. For me it depends on the niche. Right now it’s finance. I could think of nothing more boring! lol

  • Great to discover some one is doing something I thought of many years back and I really enjoying the same. If you are working on Insurance niche then I am also interested to know some good quality paid links that can also help me in ranking for my project, can you help me here. Also I can share some links that can be helpful for you. Let me know and good luck!

    • Thanks AD. Don’t really have much paid links to share, since I’m mostly using my own at the moment. The other links aren’t insurance specific.

  • Woww,
    Great experiment.

    Few questions since you have stated you are starting from scratch.
    I believe the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) would be 1

    I also assume you would have a page where we would be able to see monthly reports and your action plan.
    An archive to go back to the last months report and compare the progress.

    Rest I am super excited, Please do let me know if i could be of any help.
    Rakesh Kumar recently posted…ServicesMy Profile

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