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Long Tail Pro Platinum Review – Find Long Tail Keywords

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Written by Benjamin

What is Long Tail Pro / Platinum?

Okay, first thing’s first. What the hell is Long Tail Pro / Platinum? Long Tail Platinum is a keyword research tool used to generate keyword ideas and find low competition keywords. It’s often used to find long tail keywords. You can see how I use Long Tail Platinum in my keyword research guide.

There’s two version of this keyword tool.
#1 is Long Tail Pro – You get all the features for generating keyword ideas.

#2 is Long Tail Platinum – You get all the features for generating keyword ideas + the ability to do keyword competition analysis with the tool.

long tail pro review

The version I use and recommend is Long Tail Platinum. You need this version to do keyword competition analysis. You need the keyword competition analysis feature to really get the best out of this tool. So that’s the version I would recommend you get.

I can write a 3,000 words of why I love this tool, but it’s better for me to just show you how I use it to find great keywords. So here’s an example of me looking for a keyword in the weight loss niche.

The Long Tail Keywords I found

I found a two great long tail keywords in the video above. Here’s what I found:

Meal replacement shakes for weight loss -> This keyword is 6 words long, has 5400 local searches, a suggested bid of $2.32, and most importantly an Avg Keyword Competitiveness (also referred to as KC) score of 26.

Best protein powder for weight loss -> This keyword is 6 words long, has 6600 local searches, a suggested bid of $1.19, and a KC score of 29.

What is Avg Keyword competitiveness (KC)?

KC is a score from 0 to 100 that lets you know how hard a keyword is to rank for. The higher the number the more difficult a keyword is to rank for.

keyword competition score (KC)

KC is my favorite feature of Long Tail Platinum, it helps you figure out the competition of a keyword. Here’s how it works:

long tail pro keyword competetivness

A lot of the data comes from MOZ ( Links, Domain authority, Social Signals, etc), so it’s a very accurate estimate.

From my own use I’ve found the KC score to be accurate in predicting the competition. I use the KC score to quickly narrow down my keyword research, but I still do a manual competitive analysis before I begin trying to rank for a keyword.

Long Tail Keywords – What To Look For

I always look for keywords that meet these criteria:

A suggested bid of $1 or more.The higher the suggested bid the better, it means people are spending money advertising for this keyword (AKA, the keyword is valuable)

Avg KC score of less than 30.I try not to target anything with a KC of more than 30. The keyword examples I have above both have a KC of less than 30, and only took 5 minutes to find. Take your time and find keywords with a low KC!

Local / Global Search volume.This depends on a lot of factors. I target keywords with under 500 searches often, but with $50+ suggested bids. Sometimes I target keywords with over 20,000 searches but with very low suggested bids. I would recommend you read my keyword research guide for a detailed explanation.

Why I like This Tool

I already mentioned that I like it because of the competition analyzing feature, but that’s not the only thing I like. I like being able to specify suggested bids, local/world search volumes, number of words in a keyword and being able to find exact match domains. Pretty much everything here:

what i like

The Best Endorsement

I actually used Long Tail Platinum to research keywords for this post.

keyword research long tail

long tail platinum

I found a few nice keywords to include in this post, thanks to Long Tail Platinum.

Long Tail Pro & Platinum Discount / Sale

Sometimes the people from Long Tail Pro run a discount/sale. The next sale is going to be on Black Friday; which is November 27, 2015. So if you’d like to buy it, that would be the best time. Even if you can’t get it at a discounted price, it’s still worth buying at full price, like I did.

Buy Long Tail Platinum Here

Bonus Keywords

I found a two more keywords with low competition, decent traffic and high CPC’s. Want them? Help me share this post and get them! 🙂

Affiliate Disclosure

If you buy Long Tail Pro/ Platinum from the links above I will receive a commission. I highly recommend the tool. If you like the tools but not the affiliate links please do a Google search for the tool and buy it!

Do You Use Long Tail Pro?

If you use Long Tail Pro/ Platinum let others know what you think of it in the comments below. Use something else? Let me know about it. I’m always interested in buying keyword research tools.


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  • Hi,
    I am a WordPress Developer for more than 5 years and only 2 years using SEO. I used Long Tail Pro a couple of years ago with no success. To my surprise, upon reading your post, i have been doing Long Tail Pro the wrong way.
    Thank you for the share, its an eye-opener and i am considering going back to Long Tail Pro using your affiliate link.

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