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Sharing an Amazing Niche + Some Great Keywords [Share #1]

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Written by Benjamin

I’ve been doing a lot of keyword research lately and I keep running into so many great keywords and niches, but don’t have much time to do anything with them.

So I’m going to start sharing them with you guys, hopefully someone will get a use from my keywords.

Okay, let’s start with one interesting niche I found a while back:

Rehab centers

Rehab centers can be anything from drug rehab to alcohol rehab, or any other addiction rehab. One thing most rehab centers have in common is that it’s damn expensive to stay in one.

It can easily cost $10,000 – $20,000 per month to stay at an “decent” rehab center. Some rehab centers can easily cost $60,000+ per month. Also something to note, some people stay multiple months at a single rehab center. Unfortunately people relapse, so there is a high chance of a client coming back to the same rehab center. Good for the rehab centers, not so much for the person.

When something costs $10,000 – $20,000+ per month you can expect there to be a lot of advertisers.

Rehab center advertising is insane. Clicks can easily cost over $100, even mediocre keywords can command CPC’s of $50+. The high CPC’s exist because of the immense money rehab centers are able to make. Good read on this at Forbes.

Some Rehab Center Keywords

Keyword Search Volume CPC PPC Competition SEO Difficulty
rehab center las vegas 210 $76.15 77 30
tennessee rehabilitation center 320 $47.39 71 27
austin recovery center 320 $24.38 77 33
rehab centers in ohio 320 $58.16 89 41
las vegas rehab 320 $25.21 48 35
drug rehab nashville tn 140 $44.29 75 31
ohio drug rehab 140 $125.04 73 34
drug rehab columbus ohio 140 $89.46 74 39
rehab las vegas 8100 $17.44 44 35
rehab centers in colorado 320 $63.91 80 35
drug rehab las vegas 320 $56.60 87 31
drug rehab centers in ohio 170 $54.41 67 35
drug rehab colorado 210 $45.47 87 38
austin rehab centers 140 $65.23 88 37

The keywords above are just a small sample of what you can find. There’s way more keywords; a lot of which are probably much better than the ones above.

I would recommend searching: rehab center + city, or rehab center + state.

Take a quick look at:

I used Kwfinder to find the keywords above (aff link).

How to make money with this niche

#1 Sell Leads

This is the most obvious. Since this is a “medical niche” there’s probably lots of laws on selling leads, which probably vary state by state. Since I couldn’t find companies buying leads that probably means you’d have to contact rehab centers yourself to sell leads.

I wouldn’t recommend going this route. Too much work and legal issues to deal with. If you did somehow manage to sell leads, you could probably charge $100+ per lead.

#2 Selling Advertising Space

This is the route I would probably take. Much less legal stuff to worry about, and don’t have to worry about lead quality, transferring leads to customers, legality, etc.

Straight forward advertising is the quickest way to make some cash.

Let’s say you rank in the top #3 for something like “Ohio rehab centers” you could easily sell ad space for a few hundred dollars.

Someone paying $50+ click in AdWords is more than willing to pay a few hundred dollars to advertise on your website.

Now imagine ranking for multiple keywords and for multiple cities, you can make some pretty nice cash; with very few rankings and very little traffic.

You don’t need a lot of traffic

I’m sure a lot of people are thinking that the volume for the keywords above is small. That’s true.

It is small. But I’ve talked about this before:

You don’t need a lot of traffic to make big money

How to go about creating this site

Here’s what I would do.

  1. Buy a brandable domain name. I wouldn’t buy an exact match, or really focus on having a big keyword in my domain.
  2. Build a strong home page for a big generic keyword. Like “Rehab centers”
  3. Find 10-15 really good keywords & build out big content pieces for them (2,000+ words)
  4. Create a page for every city + state. I would do this slowly over time. So something like “Rehab center in austin texas”, “rehab center in las vegas”, etc. These pages would have 300-500 words of content, and would be linked to other pages or my home page.
  5. I would build links to my home page. From my homepage I would link to my really good keywords.
  6. Start building links to keywords that are showing potential

Over enough time and content you would start to rank for Long tail keywords, whether you wanted to or not.

That’s it, step by step what you need to do.

Although it looks easy, it would be a lot of very tedious work.

I think it would be worth it though. I seriously considered going into this niche, but I don’t even have time to work on my own projects, let alone start new ones.

So I’m going to be sharing cool niches I find in the future.

Please comment below if you’d like me to share more! Also sure to subscribe if you want more 🙂

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