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Sharing a great niche + list of keywords [Share #2]

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Written by Benjamin

Alright, so there’s a new hot niche everyone’s been talking about.

I didn’t want to talk about it until I tried it for myself. I wanted to see if there’s any potential. And oh boy, there’s potential all right.


So whats the niche?

Simple. Near me.

Here’s a small example:

  • Lawyers near me
  • plumbers near me
  • car dealerships near me
  • restaurants near me
  • massage near me

So why is “near me” such a big deal?

Simple. Volume has increased 30x the last 2 years alone on searches, 90% because of the rise of mobile phones and local searches. Volume has risen, but the competition has not!


There’s keywords out there with 100,000+ monthly search volume that can be ranked with <10 links. How do I know?

I did it



What you need to know about the site above.

  1. It’s less than 2 months old
  2. I have 4 PBN links pointing to it.
  3. There’s 2 pages of content. One of the pages only has 200 words (That’s the page that’s ranking by the way..)
  4. I’ve done NOTHING ELSE

I think with another 10-15 links, some more content and site age I could be in the top 10 for most of the big keywords above.

Important things you need to know

While the search volume for the keywords above is insanely high; it’s definitely overestimated.

At least for my niche.

Also the click through rate is nowhere near as high for “near me” keywords, as it would be for regular keywords. So you’ll get even less traffic.

Especially since a lot of the clicks will go to google business/maps.

Basically you’re going to get a lot less traffic with “near me” keywords then you would if this was a regular keyword.


That doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge opportunity here.

The competition is weak, and traffic is more than respectable.

List of keywords

I’m going to share a list of “near me” keywords + the seo competition.


Monetizing this niche

There’s so many way’s to monetize this. It’s all going to depend on your keyword.

I’m going to be collecting emails for my site and sending people to product reviews pages I’ll create on my site (Amazon products).

I’ll also have a listing option, where people can pay to list their business on my site (hint hint)

I could also put AdSense on my site.

There’s so many options for monetizing. That’s what’s great about this niche.


The Future

I’ve only spent about 2-3 hours on the site above since I’m busy. But I plan on working on it a little more soon; so I’ll update you guys on progress.

P.S I first read about this niche at: so gotta give viperchill props!

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Even though I'm anti-seo as can be, I still do SEO daily. I enjoy creating sites, and I enjoy ranking sites in the most competitive niches possible.

I made this blog so I can share what I find, and to connect with other marketers out there.

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  • Been using the “near me” niche for a few months now and it’s great. And I see the shout out to Glen at Viperchill. I LOVE Glen’s content, especially from and

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